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1484 Chapter . TABLE TENNIS Butterfly Online 14­18 Butterfly is one of the major manufacturers of table tennis equipment in the world. At this site, you can find information about recent and upcoming tournaments, table tennis news, rules of the game, coaching tips, and player profiles; plus, you can browse through the huge collection of paddles, tables, balls, accessories, robots, and other equipment and accessories. Classic Hardbat Table Tennis Learn about hardbat table tennis--the rules, ratings, photos, and player profiles. Sign up for the newsletter or check out the upcoming events and tournament results at this site. Denis' Table Tennis World Prematch, match, and post-match tips by Dimosthenis E. Messinis, Ph.D. Huge collection of re- sources with an easy-to-use navigation bar on the left containing sections on Articles-Tips, Exerci- ses, Basics, Equipment, Rules, and even video clips. Quizzes, FAQs, interviews, world rankings, awards, and more provide a one-stop kiosk for everything a table tennis enthusiast needs to know. The Best of the Best table tennis sites in the group. English Table Tennis Association Limited Top resource for table tennis information in the UK. Information and entry forms for the Butterfly Grand Prix, information on TV coverage of table tennis tournaments, an events calendar, the latest news, details on county and national championships, and more.