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KIDS 887 Stories from the Web encourages readers and aspiring writers ages 8­14 to read and, if desired, submit their original reviews, stories, poetry, and songs for display in the gallery. All Drop that mouse, turn off the TV, and hit the streets for some good old-fashioned fun with your neighborhood pals. This site celebrates the games your parents grew up with--stickball, handball, hopscotch, jump rope, and marbles, to name a few. Provides rules for most games and videos that show you how to play many of the featured games. Terrific Web Sites for Middle School Kids 14­18 This site, developed by the Eastchester Middle School, provides both educational and entertaining links for middle school students, broken down into several categories: Arts, Computers & Technol- ogy, English, Health, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Sports, County & State, and Fun &