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HUMOR 764 Fans of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon will love this site, where the concept began. Enter the name of any actor or actress who has ever been in an American film, and the Oracle will show how that actor or actress is linked to Kevin Bacon. Orson Welles, for instance, was in The Muppet Movie in 1979 with Steve Martin, who was in Novocaine with Kevin Bacon in 2001. PElvis Not for kids The King lives in the mind and jeans of the Princeton students who created this page. Gives you a cynical look at drugs and alcohol, with several Elvis-related links and a not-so-serious look at the man behind the white jumpsuit. Ray Owen's Joke a Day Not for kids Visit this site for a free laugh, updated daily, or subscribe (for a fee) to gain access to archives of letters, Dweeb Letters, last week's jokes, babes, hunks, Video Minutes, Twisted Tunes, Weird Pic- tures, and lots more! You can also sign up to have jokes delivered daily via email. Red Vs. Blue 14­18 Red Vs. Blue is an animated tongue-in-cheek science fiction adventure consisting of 4­5 minute episodes. You can check out the archived episodes online, join discussions with fans in the forum, submit and see viewer-submitted art, and shop online for T-shirts, hats, and other stuff. Rodney Dangerfield Home Page Not for kids Rodney's home page features a joke of the day and the "no respect" contest. You can also download sound files and an answering-machine message in Rodney's voice. SatireWire