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HEALTH 686 Nutricise is weight-loss and fitness program designed to help people get in shape and stay in shape. Nutricise takes a holistic approach that addresses nutrition, fitness, behavior, and lifestyle issues and tailors the program to the individual's needs. Here you can learn more about the program and sign up to become a client, but you won't find many freebies. NutriGenie A nutrition software publisher, including titles for weight loss, disease and nutrition, high blood pres- sure, heart disease, special diets, sports, allergies, and much more. Also includes other health- related sites and information for downloading. Peak Performance Peak Performance is a scientific newsletter devoted to improving stamina, strength, and fitness. It presents high-quality information on the latest sports science research from around the world and shows you how to apply it. Read these exclusive extracts for yourself at this comprehensive site or subscribe to the news letter to keep abreast of the latest performance-boosting products and tech- niques. Walking for Fitness