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GENEALOGY > A Barrel of Genealogy Links - Pg. 636

636 Chapter . GENEALOGY A Barrel of Genealogy Links An amazing listing of links to resources that can help you in your efforts to track down historical family information. Looking for someone? You have several options at You can access some free search databases or become a member for $59.95 ($19.95 quarterly) and access all its databases. This site includes the Social Security Death Index, AIS Census Records Index, global searching, maps, books, and much more. Beginner's Guide to Family History Research If you can't even spell the word g-e-n-e-a-l-o-g-y, this is the place for you to start. Everyone has ancestors, and if you're wondering who yours are, it's time to get involved in family history and genealogy research. Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry Canadian (not just Albertan) genealogy extraction, transcription, and indexing projects are listed. Here, you will find more than 10,000 links to data housed online. Cool Site of the Month for Genealogists