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DIABETES 396 All An online community for kids, families, and adults with diabetes, featuring message boards, chat rooms, and questions and answers from medical professionals. Diabetes Health Home page for Diabetes Interview newspaper, which features stories about issues that matter to those suffering with diabetes: "cutting-edge diabetes research, hard-hitting investigative reports, and illuminating features about how people with diabetes grapple with day-to-day problems." Fea- tures comics as well. Diabetes Insight A wonderful site for those recently diagnosed with diabetes, as well as those who have been living with the disease. An email support group and online forum are just a couple of features of this comprehensive site. Diabetes Mall Find out about clinical trials in your area, as well as diabetes news, delicious recipes, and books on the topic of managing your diabetes. Lots of links to other diabetes sites, too. Diabetes News Provides the latest-breaking news about diabetes and related subjects as well as links of particular interest to diabetics. Diabetic Gourmet Magazine Search the recipe archives of Diabetic Gourmet Magazine for all diabetic recipes. The site also provides a great resource for additional information on diabetes, including the Diabetes 101 tutorial, tips on health living and exercise, and forums where you can communicate with others who suffer from diabetes and related conditions.