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MOVIES 983 If you're interested in short films created by some of Hollywood's finest talents, check out this site. If you have a fast Internet connection, you can download and view the films online; otherwise, con- sider ordering clips on DVD. If you own a BMW (lucky you), the DVD will be shipped to you for free. If you don't own a BMW, you must pay a small fee to cover shipping and handling. Dogville This site takes you behind the scenes of the filming of Dogville , staring Nicole Kidman as a woman on the run from the mob. She finds herself in a small town, where she makes a deal with the locals to assist her. Personal politics come into play as the plot unfolds. This site feature short film clips, interviews, actor bios, a gallery of still shots, and more. This site is everything a movie website should be--attractive, easy to navigate, and packed with substance. The Dreamers Not for kids The Dreamers is a film about a young American student studying in Paris in 1968 who forms a friendship with a French brother and sister. Together, they explore and test the limits of their dreams,