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Here's a quick look at a few structural features designed to help you get the most out of the book.

This icon identifies THE best website in any given category. If you have time to visit only one site in a category, look for the Best of the Best!

The e-commerce icon identifies sites that process online transactions. If you're looking to purchase something from the Internet, be sure to look for listings with this icon.

The usability icon is designed to help you find the sites that are the easiest to navigate. Look for a ranking of five stars and you've found the most user-friendly of sites; find a site ranked one star and be prepared to spend some time finding the information you want.

The child-rating icons are designed to help you find sites that are appropriate for and appealing to children in specified age groups. Look for:


for kids 0–8,


for kids 9–13,


for teenagers 14–18,


for kids of all ages, or

Not for kids

for sites that include content inappropriate for children (violence, drugs, racism, or adult content).

If a site has no rating, it generally poses no risk to kids, but it won't appeal to most kids, either.


Although we made every attempt possible to identify child-friendly sites and sites that children should not visit, ratings are not always reliable. Sometimes a site will lose the right to use a particular address, and a company will purchase the address and use it for a site that contains content inappropriate for children. In addition, some sites may include links that point to other sites that have unsuitable content. Every parent should monitor his or her child's activity on the Internet and consider using monitoring or censoring software, such as CyberPatrol, to filter out inappropriate content. However, even censoring software is not foolproof.

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