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CANDY > Bubblegum - Pg. 248

248 Chapter . CANDY Abbott's Caramels One of the best caramel candies you will ever have! The buttery treats are available with or without nuts, so be sure to try both. Altoids 9-13 A fun site for this strong flavored peppermint candy. Enter the Free $50 contest, listen to tunes, or check out results of the Altoids survey. Some online games for kids. Bubblegum All At this site geared squarely at kids and preteens, you can learn more than you ever wanted to know about various Armurol bubblegum products, as well as entertain yourself. One of the coolest areas is the "Your Room" section where you can build your own room, complete with games, activities, homework helpers, and a personal journal. Candy Cottage Company, Inc.