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136 Chapter . BASKETBALL Basketball Daily 9-13 Check out the daily basketball scores and game summaries at this site. On weekends and during the playoffs, this site is packed with information. On off days, you'll find little to keep you going. The Basketball Highway This is the site of the Coaches and Basketball Professional's Home Page, which exists to help coaches improve their game. They might search the site for specific topics, jump to other basketball pages, and learn more about the CIRN database. Coaching Well Basketball Journal If your kid just volunteered you to coach the neighborhood basketball team, this site should be your first stop on your journey to becoming coach of the year. Here, you can find strategies, drills, skills lessons, practice plans, and other information you need to become a successful coach. Full Court Press 14-18 Full Court Press covers women's basketball at the high school, college, professional, and interna- tional levels. The site is full of articles about players, teams, conferences, and coaches. Harlem Globetrotters Online