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ASTRONOMY 78 Check out the most recent astronomical events compliments of the Swiss Astronomical Society. When you reach the site, click the Planetarium tab to view the English version. At the top of the resulting page, click the Calendar link to view descriptions of celestial events on a given date, or click the desired heavenly body (Sun, Moon, Planets, Comets, and so on) to view dates on which you can witness events. Astronomy HyperText Book A hypertextual astronomy textbook written at the college level. Contains interactive information about astronomy. Also offers links to sites that offer astronomy assistance. Astronomy Magazine 9-13 This site contains an almanac of current sky happenings, a calendar of star parties, directories of planetariums and clubs, a well-stocked photo library, as well as product reviews on telescopes and binoculars. Well designed, this site is a pleasure to explore. Although not much at this site is de-