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ALZHEIMER'S > Alzheimer's: Coping - Pg. 57

ALZHEIMER'S 57 Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center Sponsored by the National Institute on Aging, this site answers questions about Alzheimer's, offers research reports and publications on the disease, and responds to email queries. You will find a list of government resources and services, too. Alzheimer's: Coping Journal and resources from a woman (Denise Cooper) who provides ongoing care to her mother. Very well done. She not only shares her personal experience but also provides links to all sorts of things that others going through this situation will find very helpful. Alzheimer's Disease International Internet home of Alzheimer's Disease International provides information about the possible causes of Alzheimer's disease, ways it is diagnosed, and common treatments. It also provides a list of frequently asked questions, information for caregivers, and a directory of Alzheimer's associations