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Chapter 12. Managing Your Auctions > Using Auction Management Tools - Pg. 155

CHAPTER 12 MANAGING YOUR AUCTIONS 155 Using Auction Management Tools If you're a high-volume seller, trying to manage each and every auction individually gets real tedious real fast. Many high-volume sellers choose to outsource their auc- tion management to an outside service or utilize dedicated software programs to do the management for them. These programs and services not only track the progress of in-process auctions, but also manage all manner of post-auction activity. We'll look at some of the top auction management tools next--including those "offi- cial" tools provided by eBay. eBay Selling Manager eBay Selling Manager ( ) is eBay's official auction management tool. When you subscribe to Selling Manager, the Selling tab of your My eBay page is transformed into a Selling Manager tab, where you can manage all your auction and post-auction activity--including sending customer emails and leaving feedback. Cost is $4.99 per month. As you can see in Figure 12.2, the main Selling Manager page provides an overview of your active and closed auctions. You can click on any link to see a finer cut of