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Chapter 14. Managing Packing and Shippin... > Choosing a Shipping Method - Pg. 172

172 ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO LAUNCHING AN EBAY BUSINESS Choosing a Shipping Method You have a number of choices when it comes to shipping your package. You can use the various services offered by the U.S. Postal Service (regular mail, Priority Mail, Express Mail, Media Mail, and so on) or any of the services offered by competing carriers, such as UPS or Federal Express. You can deal directly with any shipping service or you can use a local shipping store to handle the shipping--and even the packing--for you. (Know, however, that having another company do your work for you will cost you--which means it's preferable to deal directly with your shipping service of choice.) Which service should you use? That's a good question, but not always an easy one to answer. Ultimately, you have to strike a compromise between cost, convenience, and speed. Pick the cheapest method possible, and customers will gripe when they don't receive their merchandise in a timely manner. Pick the fastest method possible, and customers will gripe that they're paying too much for shipping/handling. (You also may turn away potential buyers with your high shipping/handling fees.) Like I said, you need to strike a balance--and also choose a shipper that is easy for you to deal with.