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Chapter 35. Internet Radio and TV > Media Players - Pg. 453

Internet Radio and TV 453 QuickTime QuickTime, from Apple, is an audio and video format suitable for both streaming and regular down- loading. QuickTime files--with either .MOV, .QT, or .QTI extensions--are played via Apple's Quick- Time Player. Even though QuickTime is from Apple, it's a true cross-platform environment; it plays just as well on a Windows PC as it does on a Mac. For more information about QuickTime, see quicktime/. Other Movie Formats Streaming video is only one way to play movie files from the Internet. You can also download movie files directly to your hard disk, and then play the movies offline, at your own convenience. Any streaming video file can also be bulk downloaded, and stored on your hard disk in its native format. For example, you can download an .RM-format RealMedia file, and then play that file from your hard disk using the RealPlayer software. There are several file formats that can be used for storing movie clips. These include. RM and .RAM RealMedia files; .ASF Windows Media files; .QT and .MOV QuickTime files; and .MPG non-streaming video files. Different types of movies can be produced using Macromedia's Flash and Shockwave utilities, and stored in .FLA and .SWF files, respectively. These are compact file formats, suitable for simple animations but not for full-motion video. You find a lot of Web sites forcing you to sit through Flash-based animations on their opening screens; these aren't real movies, just clever frame-by-frame animated sequences. Tip If you're setting up your own Web site, you may want to offer streaming audio or video to