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Chapter 38. Basic HTML Editing > Codes to Get Started - Pg. 491

Basic HTML Editing 491 Just because you use an HTML editor, however, doesn't mean that you don't need to know basic HTML coding. Some special effects can only be coded manually, and sometimes it's easier to make simple changes directly to the code itself rather than launching the cumber-some HTML editing program. In addition, there are some instances where you have to enter HTML code manually. If you're cre- ating an auction listing at eBay, for example, you can make a fancier listing by entering HTML code directly into the description entry form. There's no other way to include this type of formatting; if you want boldface and italic text in your eBay listings, you have to add it with raw HTML code. Note To learn more about creating eBay auction listings, see Chapter 22, "Online Auctions." To learn more about home page communities, see Chapter 37, "Creating a Simple Web Page." There are other places on the Web--including some Web-based e-mail programs, and the ad- vanced editors at many home page community sites--where knowledge of HTML is essential. For that reason, this chapter presents everything you need to know about basic HTML coding. If you want to learn more about HTML than is presented in this chapter, check out the Web Diner (, Webmonkey ( webmonkey/), or HTML Goodies ( Web sites. You can also pick up a copy of Special Edition Using HTML 4, Sixth Edition, by Molly Holzchlag, wherever good books are sold, which is a terrific resource for creating your own Web pages with HTML. Tip Codes to Get Started