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Chapter 15. SELF-REGULATION AND PRIVACY > What Self-Regulation Is and How It Wo... - Pg. 306

306 Chapter 15. SELF-REGULATION AND PRIVACY The United States has the most 'do it yourself' culture in the world. Americans pride themselves in their ability to tackle almost any task without extra help. We hate to call in the plumber. And stores such as Home Depot have based entire business plans on our ability to convince ourselves that we can, indeed, completely remodel the bathroom over the weekend. What Self-Regulation Is and How It Works Self-regulation is the development and enforcement of rules within a community that protects the community from being ruled by outsiders. Self-regulation is more complicated, of course, than a single home improvement project, no matter how complex the project. The self- regulators must be strong enough to deter wrong-doers and yet reach out to newcomers to encourage them to learn