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Chapter 11. HOW TO SECURE YOUR INTERNET ... > Look For and Read the Privacy and Se... - Pg. 209

HOW TO SECURE YOUR INTERNET TRANSACTIONS 209 Look For and Read the Privacy and Security Policies Any merchant or service vendor online with whom you'd like to do business offers you information about how they go about providing fair information practices (see Chapter 2), and what security practices they use to protect your information. In general, you can find these under the headings "Privacy," "Privacy Policy," or "Privacy and Security." Reading these policies is important. A good privacy policy tells you explicitly what information is gathered, what is done with it, and who gets to see it. The components of fair information practices, as discussed in Chapter 2, are Notice, Choice, Security, and Access. Security and how to find out what security protects your information was discussed earlier in this chapter, so the following is how you can evaluate a site's privacy policy given the other three components: · Notice--Their privacy policy should tell you exactly what they are collecting and how they collect it. It should also tell you to what use the data is put and with whom they share it. Figure 11.10 shows a privacy policy, for Elf Hill Music and Mayhem, which is much less formal than the bank's, but still meets the Fair Practices test. It tells you what information they collect and what they do with it.