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Chapter 11. HOW TO SECURE YOUR INTERNET ... > Can You Let Your Fingers Do the Shop...

Can You Let Your Fingers Do the Shopping?

As more and more busy people are discovering, you can shop for and buy almost anything online. In the past year, friends of Pat and Glee have purchased the following, among other things:

  • A Ford Explorer

  • A Honda Civic

  • Books on every conceivable topic, including textbooks, religious writings, legal references, romance, foreign language books, and erotica

  • Clothing

  • Shoes

  • Lawn furniture, including hammocks and yard lanterns

  • Photoelectric cell outdoor lighting

  • Art objects, such as statuary and glass

  • Paintings, art prints, framed prints, and posters

  • Major appliances, including refrigerator, washer, dryer, and dishwasher

  • Prescription medications

  • Over the counter medications

  • Plants and bulbs

  • Tools, including a lawnmower, gardening tools such as trowels and dibbles, pruning shears, chainsaw, leaf blower, band saw, sledgehammers, and other woodworking tools

  • Medieval pavilion(s), poles, ropes, and stakes

  • Camping equipment including backpacking tents, sleeping bags, ground pads, lanterns, braziers, and canopies

  • A Canoe

  • Winter Coats

  • A mortgage and a home equity loan

  • Flowers, chocolate, gift certificates, balloons, and stuffed toys

  • Strip-o-grams to be delivered in other cities

  • Airplane tickets to England, Germany, Australia, China, and Israel

  • Passport renewal services

  • Rental car reservations



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