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Chapter 20. Internet Marketing Agencies > Advantages of Internet Marketing Agen... - Pg. 155

Internet Marketing Agencies 155 Figure 20.2. Performics offers search engine, affiliate, and email marketing on a CPA basis. Tip Ask agencies you're interviewing to define search engine marketing. Do they handle paid placement (Fixed Placement and Pay-For-Placement)? Do they manage paid inclusion (Submit URL and Trusted Feed), along with site optimization, which is a necessary foun- dation to achieve success through inclusion programs? I've worked at two agencies and now run my own, but I'm not sold on the agency model for everyone. I also train marketers on how to execute their own campaigns because I believe those with the interest and dedication can reap similar success as achieved by agencies. Advantages of Internet Marketing Agencies One advantage of agencies has already been revealed: Agencies do the work for you. Companies that can afford to outsource receive the gifts of time and an experienced marketing team. That's an attractive combination. The following sections list a few other benefits to consider. Fast Time to Market Is search engine marketing your sole focus? Probably not. Small business owners are consumed by daily operations; marketing directors of corporations juggle various online and offline promotions at once. Internet agencies present over-committed marketers assistance with part or all of their online campaigns. Equipped with tools and strategic action plans, agencies turbo-boost web site visibility in a relatively short timeframe.