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Part IV: Appendix > Blogging Software

Blogging Software

An overview of the major blog providers is covered in Chapter 3, but the variety of software grows almost daily, and there might be a perfect fit for your needs out there. Check out some of the powerful, home-grown, and industrial-strength blogging software in Table A.8 to get an idea of what’s available.

Table A.8. Some Blog Software
Title URL Description
Antville http://www.antville.org/ Free open-source blog site.
AvantBlog http://www.dentedreality.com.au/avantblog/ AvantGo interface to allow blogging from Palm and PocketPC devices.
b2 http://www.cafelog.com A classy news/blog tool.
BigBlogTool http://www.bigblogtool.com A feature-rich commercial blogging service that costs $13/year.
Blog http://cyberian.tripod.com/Blog.htm Windows-based blogging program that provides its own editing and FTP upload capabilities.
Blogger http://www.blogger.com/ A popular blogging provider with many free and paid services.
Blogger Pro http://pro.blogger.com/ Subscription-based version of Blogger with substantial extra features.
BlogMax http://billstclair.com/blogmax/index.html A blogging package for Emacs.
BlogWorks http://www.blogworks.com/ Free ASP-based blogging application.
blos.xom http://www.oreillynet.com/~rael/lang/perl/blosxom/ Lightweight Perl CGI blogging script for Mac OS X.
Blog Oriented Publishing (BOP) http://sourceforge.net/projects/bop/http://bop.sourceforge.net/ An open-source database-backed system written in Perl. Still in early alpha and looking for contributors.
CONTENjecT Publisher http://www.port41.com/Publisher.jsp Server-side solution that uses JScript to insert blog items into your site.
Drupal http://www.drupal.org/ Another Slashdot-style system released under GPL.
Facto http://www.facto.org/factosystem.asp The software behind Factovision, based on ASP and Microsoft Access.
GeekLog http://sourceforge.net/projects/geeklog http://geeklog.sourceforge.net/ The software used by the Security Geeks web site. Focus on “performance, privacy, and security.”
gir.blo.gs http://gir.blo.gs/ A rough clone of Blogger.
GreyMatter http://noahgrey.com/greysoft/ Perl-based blog tool with many advanced options including comments, karma voting, and more.
GrokSoup http://www.groksoup.com/ Online blog creation tool that will provide server space. Lists sites in its directory.
Horizon http://3e.org/horizon/beth/ PHP source for Just a Log. source.php
LiveJournal http://www.livejournal.com/ Open-source journal software with free hosting.
MKDoc http://www.mkdoc.com/ Apache/MySQL/Perl package with built-in standards compliance and metadata support.
Monaural Jerk http://www.monauraljerk.com/ PHP/MySQL system for maintaining a journal or blog.
More Like This http://www.whump.com/moreLikeThis/how.html A blog that makes its custom PHP and MySQL code available as a gnuzipped tar archive.
Movable Type http://www.movabletype.org/ Perl-based blog content management system.
NewsBruiser http://crummy.com/devel/newsbruiser/ A blog management system written in Python.
NewsPro http://www.amphibianweb.com/newspro/ A CGI/Perl script for maintaining an updated news page, suitable for a blog.
Onclave http://www.onclave.org/ An online tool and home for collaborative blogs.
Open Journal http://www.grohol.com/downloads/oj/ Server-based Perl script for maintaining a blog or diary.
PHP-Nuke http://www.phpnuke.org/ PHP/MySQL/Apache based SlashDot-style system.
PHPSlash http://www.phpslash.org/ Another open-source SlashDot-style blog, this one using PHP as its core scripting language.
PhpWebLog http://www.phpweblog.org/ Another PHP/XML based SlashDot clone.
PikiePikie http://pikie.darktech.org/cgi/pikie?WebLog Blog tool derived from WikiWiki ideas.
Pitas http://www.pitas.com/ Online blog creation tool that will provide server space.
PithCode http://www.pithlog.com/pith_code.php Blog system used by Pith and Vinegar blog; PHP and MySQL.
Pivot http://www.mijnkopthee.nl/pivot/ Free PHP-based blog tool.
Pmachine http://www.pmachine.com/ PHP/MySQL system with many features beyond blog maintenance, including mailing lists and dynamic content management.
Radio Userland http://radio.userland.com/ A powerful desktop blogging tool with features galore.
Siteframe http://siteframe.org/ Lightweight content-management system based on PHP and MySQL.
SlashCode http://www.slashcode.com/ Open-source archive of the code behind SlashDot. Version 1.0 released 3/30/2000.
Slogger http://www25.brinkster.com/dazzle/#slogger Blog system in ASP.
SquishDot http://squishdot.org/ Create a SlashDot-style blog (open-source, works with Zope). You’ll need some Linux/UNIX savvy to get this one up and running. (MIA 11/00)
Squishy FORUMS http://www.surrealization.com/ ASP.NET/C# blogging system.
Supasite http://php.techno-weenie.com/ Content management system in PHP4/MySQL.
Thatware http://www.thatware.org/ Another slash-style engine, PHP3 and MySQL- based.
Tinderbox http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/ “Personal content management assistant,” commercial software for Macintosh.
Upsaid http://www.upsaid.com/ Blog tool with comments, guest book, hit counters, and other features built in.
WebCrimson http://www.webcrimson.com/ Industrial strength independent publishing tool with full-featured blog capabilities.
we::blog http://www.danchan.com/weblog/ Blogging system with built-in comments and syndication.
xanga.com http://www.xanga.com/ Blog provider with numerous features that make blogging easy and a strong, welcoming community.
Yet Another Weblog News System http://freshmeat.net/projects/yawns/ Slash clone in Perl, designed to be 100% XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant.



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