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Part IV: Appendix > Posting APIs and Tools

Posting APIs and Tools

Bloggerdom is like a playground for tech-savvy developer types. When they get an idea in their head, there’s no stopping them. Table A.7 has links to some cool tools that various blog aficionados have whipped up to make life a little more interesting.

Table A.7. Tools That Work with Blogging Applications
Title URL Description
Blog http://www.iternum.net/developer/webservices/blog/index.jsp Works with Blogger.
blogBuddy http://blogbuddy.sourceforge.net/ Windows front-end to Blogger.
Bloggenmoz http://bloggenmoz.antville.org/topics/download Blogger API support for Mozilla Composer.
Blogger-2-LiveJournal http://www.tswoam.co.uk/index.php?n_go=14 CGI-based XML-RPC server that allows using Blogger API calls to post to LiveJournal.
Blogger API http://plant.blogger.com/api/ Details of the XML-RPC interface to Blogger.
BloggerBot http://www.fibiger.org/bloggerbot/ AIM client for Blogger.
bloggerCOM http://software.caetano.com/bloggercom/ COM interface to the Blogger API.
blogger.el http://mah.everybody.org/hacks/emacs/blogger.el.txt EMACS module to post using the Blogger API.
BlogScript http://www.webentourage.com/ Mac OS X.1 tool for easy posting to Blogger-powered blogs.
fyuze http://fyuze.com/ News aggregator that allows using the blogger API to port items to a blog (free account required).
jabber-blog-it http://www.langreiter.com/space/jabber-blog-it An interface from a jabber instant messaging bot to the Blogger XML-RPC API. If you don’t understand that, you don’t need it.
MetaWeblog API http://www.xmlrpc.com/metaWeblogApi Userland extensions to the Blogger API.
PHPbloggerAPI http://www.dentedreality.com.au/bloggerapi/ PHP implementation of the Blogger API.
Wasabii http://www.wasabii.org/root/ Vendor-independent blogging API.
XML-RPC for Flash5 http://www.wickedintellect.com/?page=flash/xmlrpc/index A Flash interface to Blogger.
Yet Another Weblog API Proposal http://weblogapi.antville.org/ From the creators of Antville.



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