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Part IV: Appendix > Templates


Want to have a cool blog design? Want someone else to do it for you? The sites in Table A.11 point you toward some blog templates you can use as is or tweak to suit your needs. It’s great when someone else does all the work.

Table A.11. Finding Templates for Your Blog
Title URL Description
Blog Bits http://tandq.com/blogbits/ Templates for Blogger and Greymatter.
Blog Templates http://countryangelsgraphics.com/blog.html An assortment of Blogger and Greymatter templates from Country Angels Graphics.
B8 Graphics http://www.b8graphics.com/blogplates.htm A collection of blog templates from B8 graphics for $15 each.
Point of Focus http://www.pointoffocus.com/Graphics/focusblogger.html Linkware blog templates for Blogger-powered blogs.
BlogDesigns http://www.blogdesigns.com/ Brandi McHargue, Nicole Brown, Kandee Wright, and Crystal Yocum provide an “escape from bland” with a collection of linkware blog templates.
Blogger Template http://www.glish.com/css/blogger/ Contest-winning CSS templates from glish.com.
Blogger Template Contest http://www.blogger.com/special/template_contest/winners.pyra Results of the contest and free templates.
Blogplates http://www.blogplates.net/ A web ring of blog templates featuring tutorials.
Miz Graphics http://www.mizjenna.com/~mizgraphics/ A collection of photo graphic blog templates.
EyeForBeauty http://www.eyeforbeauty.com/Linkware/journaltemp.html An extensive collection of interesting blog templates.
Blog Skins http://www.blogskins.com A site dedicated to sharing templates for Blogger users.



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