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Chapter 4. Organizing Your Day > Keeping an Electronic Calendar

Keeping an Electronic Calendar

Do you still keep your calendar on paper? Nervous about giving up that appointment book you guard with your life? Maybe it’s time to think about switching to an electronic calendar. Look at the following list of benefits, and then decide whether these benefits outweigh the pain of changing how you work. The Outlook electronic calendar allows you to do the following.

  • Link appointments to entries in your address book so you have a record of all your contacts with a specific person.

  • Search for names, dates, topics, or other information.

  • Link notes and files to your appointments, so you remember things you need to review for your meeting.

  • Automatically set up an appointment to recur over any period of time you specify.

  • Synchronize with your handheld computer or Personal Data Assistant (PDA) such as a Pocket PC.

  • Coordinate free meeting times with other Outlook users.

  • Share your calendar with others by publishing it or giving them a “copy” of your calendar to store in their own Outlook folders.

  • Set audio or visual reminders so you never miss another meeting.


    If you’re used to using a Day-Timer or other paper-based calendar, you can print your Outlook calendar in the same format as a Day-Timer page. Put the printed calendar in your Day-Timer and take it with you. To see the available styles, choose File, Page Setup, and then look at the options for Page Size in the Paper tab of the Page Setup dialog box for the print style you prefer. You can even buy special paper for printing Outlook calendars that is the right size, is prepunched, and has the lines drawn in.



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