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Q1:I've already got my browser set up with bookmarklets for quickly posting entries to my weblog. Why would I want to use a desktop client?
A1: There are a few reasons why you might prefer to use a desktop client. First, a bookmarklet is only good for posting entries to weblogs on a single server. If you work with weblogs on different servers, you would need to maintain a bookmarklet for each one. Many of the desktop clients, however, have account management features that allow you to work with all your weblogs in one place.

Also, the more full-featured desktop clients allow you to edit previously posted entries, whereas a bookmarklet is only good for creating new entries.

Finally, bookmarklets only work when you can connect to the server running Movable Type, but many desktop clients provide the ability to create and edit draft entries offline to be posted to your weblog at a later date. This is a particularly nice feature if, for example, you use a laptop that isn't always connected to the Internet, and you want to be able to create an entry whenever a thought occurs to you.

It doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing decision, though. You can certainly continue to use your bookmarklets even if you find a desktop client you like. Also, Zempt can be launched from a bookmarklet to provide the best of both worlds. See the Zempt site for information on setting this up.

Q2:I use Linux. Are there any desktop clients that I can use?
A2: As you've already read, a couple of the tools we discussed this hour have Linux versions in the works. However, you might also want to check out Jay Reding's BloGTK:


BloGTK is written in Python and is freely available under the BSD License. It uses the Gimp Toolkit (GTK+) via the PyGTK wrapper, so these must be present on your system in order for BloGTK to work.



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