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Q1:What is the primary difference between Movable Type and TypePad?
A1: Movable Type is a Web-based application and TypePad is a service. Movable Type requires that you install, configure, and manage the application via a server that you provide. TypePad is a weblog service that houses your weblog on its server and provides an easy-to-use interface for configuration, design, and management. Both are extremely effective, powerful, and useful weblogging options.
Q2:Which is better, Movable Type or TypePad?
A2: The answer to that question depends on you. If you have a project where you don't need or want to work with somewhat complex configurations, TypePad might be the better choice. However, Movable Type offers far more customization features in terms of design, programmability, and plug-ins. TypePad is best in those instances where people aren't technically oriented or don't want to spend time on technical tasks outside of their work. Movable Type is excellent in those situations where more time can be spent on technical details and more control is available over the performance and design of the weblogs.
Q3:Do I have to wait until Movable Type Pro is available to use Movable Type professionally?
A3: Absolutely not! Just be sure you choose the correct licensing (you can read more about licensing in Appendix A) for the application you have in mind. The difference between the current Movable Type application and the planned Pro version is that the Pro version will have easy-to-implement features specific to larger-scale, professional sites. You can use Movable Type in this fashion now, but it takes more research, time, and expertise than the Pro version will require.


1:Which plans are available for TypePad?
2:True or False: TypePad Basic doesn't allow comments.
3:Name two reasons Movable Type has been upgraded during the writing of this book.



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