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Hour 12. Adding Custom Designs to Movabl... > Adding the Template to Movable Type - Pg. 211

Adding Custom Designs to Movable Type 211 Appendix B is going to be your best friend as you do this. You can also visit fault_templates.shtml and compare your work to the default template setup. Another alternative is to visit sites using Movable Type (you can find many on the Movable Type Web site) and look at their source code using your browser to figure out how they're doing things. Adding the Template to Movable Type When you are ready with your index template and your styles, you'll want to add the template to Movable Type and the styles to your Web site. To do so, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Using your FTP software (please see Hour 1), transfer your .css files to your site using ASCII transfer. Point your browser to your Movable Type install. Open the weblog in question, and from the administration menu, select Templates. From the Templates listing, select the Main Index link. You'll be taken to the Main Index tem- plate. Copy your completed template from your text or HTML editor and paste it into the Main Index template, completely overwriting the default template. Click Save, and then rebuild the index. Your main weblog will now sport your custom style! Note