Participating in Newsgroups and Mailing Lists 129 When you change your email address, spam directed to your old address can't reach you. (Be sure to inform all your legitimate email partners of your new address, and instruct your old ISP not to forward email to your new address.) If your address has found its way into lots of spam databases, you can get a clean start this way. Changing your email address is an extreme measure, especially if you have been using your address for important purposes, be it business or otherwise. No matter how diligent you are in informing your contacts about the move, some won't notice and you'll miss others. This action should be reserved for only the most severe circumstances. Eventually, spammers will find you. But if you start clean with a new address, and then diligently apply the steps you learned in this chapter, you might be able to keep the spammers at bay for a time. Summary Newsgroups and mailing lists are both great ways to keep up with a subject that's of interest to you. You can jump in and participate and, better yet, unsubscribe any time you want. Take some time to subscribe to one or two mailing lists and a few newsgroups, just for fun. And now that you know how to stop spam, use emoticons, observe netiquette, and so on, you know even more than you really have to. Doesn't that make you feel special?