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Part: I Internet Basics > Searching - Pg. 189

189 Chapter 12. Searching There's just too much on the Web. It's like having a TV set with a billion channels; you could click the remote until your thumb fell off and still never find the Law & Order reruns. Fortunately, a number of search sites on the Web help you find exactly what you're looking for, anywhere on the Web, and even beyond the Web in other Internet arenas. In this chapter, you'll discover what searching the Web is all about, and discover a simple but effective searching method: cruising categories. You'll also learn how to use search terms and how to phrase them carefully to produce precisely the results you need. What's a Search Site? Put simply, a search site--which you may also see variously described as a search page, search tool, or search service--is a Web page where you can conduct a search of the Web. Such pages have been set up by a variety of companies that offer you free Web searching and support the