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Hour 20. Working Smarter by Working Offl... > Offline Email and Newsgroups - Pg. 315

Working Smarter by Working Offline 315 Offline Email and Newsgroups The Web has no monopoly on letting you work offline. In some ways, you may have even more to gain from doing email and newsgroup tasks offline. Both IE5 and Netscape Communicator feature great tools for making the most of offline mail and news, as you'll learn in the next few pages. Setting Up Offline Email in Outlook Express To make Outlook Express a better offline email program, all you need to do is change a few set- tings... First, you need to tell Outlook Express to save new messages you write in the Outbox folder until you decide to send them. In Outlook Express, choose Tools, Options, and then click the Send tab (see Figure 20.8). Clear the check box labeled Send Messages Immediately. This prevents the program from trying to connect to the Internet each time you send a message. Instead, you can do all your composing offline and click the Send button on each message when you finish writing it. The messages wait in the Outbox until you click the Send/Recv button. Then Outlook Express con- nects to the Internet, sends all the messages waiting in the Outbox, and retrieves all new email for you, all in one shot.