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Hour 13. Sending and Receiving Email > Setting Up Your Email Program - Pg. 195

Sending and Receiving Email 195 Each online service has its own domain, too: For example, America Online's is, and Microsoft Network's is So you can tell that the email address is that of the America Online user named "neddyboy." Tip Online service users usually can omit the @ symbol and anything that follows it when send- ing to other users on the same service. For example, suppose you want to send email to If you use a regular ISP or any online service other than America Online (, you would use the address as shown. However, if you use America Online, you can address the message simply to allieoop Setting Up Your Email Program There are many different email programs out there. Internet suites such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator include an email program--but you must take care when installing these programs not to optionally omit the email component of the suite. Choosing the "full" installation option when setting up a suite ensures that you include all of the suite's client programs.