Choosing an Internet Provider 41 Web Server Space If you think you might want to publish your own Web pages (see Hour 23, "Creating Web Pages and Multimedia Messages"), you'll need space on a Web server to do so. Many ISPs and most online services offer an amount of Web server space free to all customers; others charge an addi- tional monthly fee. Newsgroup Access You'll learn all about newsgroups in Hour 15, "Reading and Posting to Newsgroups." For now, just be aware that there are tens of thousands of newsgroups, and that not all providers give you access to all of them. Some providers--including, to varying extents, the online services--take it upon themselves to censor newsgroups, preventing their subscribers from accessing any that might contain strong sex- ual or other controversial content. If that censorship appeals to you, keep in mind that the approach generally blocks access not only to genuinely racy groups, but also to many perfectly benign, G- rated groups that get lumped together with the racy ones. Some other providers don't bother carrying all newsgroups. Instead, they carry only the newsgroups their subscribers have specifically requested. If you want to access a newsgroup that's not already carried by a provider like this, you must send in a request by email and wait a day or two to get access. That scenario prevents you from quickly, easily finding information you need, which is what the Net is supposed to provide. If you want easy, universal access to all newsgroups, be sure to choose an ISP that supplies it.