Whatever you call it--an online auction house, the world's largest flea market, or a vast social experiment--no metaphor completely describes the huge trading community that is eBay. Underneath it all, eBay is also a computer program and a complex socio-economic system, requiring experience, finesse, and the right tools to master.

eBay Hacks, 2nd Edition has been completely revised and updated to make use of an array of new tools and features, as well as to reflect the changes in the eBay API, eBay's policies, and general practices of its increasingly sophisticated users. In all, the new edition of eBay Hacks sports 30 brand-new hacks plus dozens of hacks that have been expanded, deepened, or otherwise completely rewritten.

eBay Hacks shows you how to become a more efficient buyer and seller with clever tricks and shortcuts that will surprise even the most experienced eBayers. The book's wide range of topics covers all aspects of using eBay, such as advanced searching techniques, sniping tools, selling strategies, photography tips, and even research techniques for PowerSellers. But eBay Hacks doesn't just cover the basics; you'll learn how to write scripts to automate tedious tasks, take better photos, and tap into the eBay API to develop your own custom tools. Unlike any other book, eBay Hacks, 2nd Edition also provides insight into the social aspects of the eBay community, with diplomatic tools to help to get what you want with the least hassle and risk of negative feedback.

This bestseller supplies you with the tools you need to master eBay, whether as a buyer or seller, casual surfer or serious collector, novice or seasoned expert. With this guide, you will become a savvy power user who trades smarter and safer, makes more money, enjoys successes, and has fun doing it.

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"Better Than Most SpivBay Books" - by Punter on 19-SEP-2016
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I try to avoid using eBay/PayPal whenever possible these days, not least because in my experience they are a bunch of thieves who have kept their commission on the two occasions I was due a refund, sending me back and forth between each other as if they aren't the same crooked company, but if you must use them, then this book, despite being a few years old now, gives some genuinely useful advice, and is better than the others I've seen, most  of which seem to have been written by authors with PhD's in stating the bleeding obvious.

Update: PayPal have disassociated themselves with eBay, and given me the refunds I was due, with compensation, notwithstanding that it was eBay's fault. EBay remain the biggest crooks unhung on the planet.

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