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Preface > How This Book Is Organized

How This Book Is Organized

I ordered the chapters in a logical way that answers the most questions for the most readers. However, I realize that few people (including me) read a technical book cover to cover.

This is your book, so read it how you want to read it. Jump to the spots that interest you or read the chapters in order and get into the flow. Either way you should learn plenty about the new types of telephone options available.

Chapter 1, How Internet Telephone Calls Work, provides background information highlighting the differences and similarities between the traditional telephone service available for over 100 years and the new wave of intelligent, inexpensive, and feature-rich broadband phone services.

Chapter 2, Your Internet Phone, describes the differences between the two types of broadband phone services.

Chapter 3, Free Internet Phone Features that You're Paying for Now, details exactly what you are paying for today with a traditional telephone line, and what your options are if you switch to a broadband phone service provider.

Chapter 4, Choosing your Internet Phone Equipment, lists all the equipment you may add to improve your broadband phone service if you wish. Equipment options abound to satisfy every equipment need and budget range.

Chapter 5, Vonage and Other Broadband Phone Carriers, drills down deeply into the service offerings from Vonage, the leading broadband phone company following the phone-centric model. Multiple Vonage competitors join the fun as well.

Chapter 6, Skype and Other Computer-centric Services, shows the other side of the broadband phone world, including the world's most popular Internet telephone service from Skype.

Chapter 7, 911, Alarms, and Other Outgoing Calls, discusses how to call family and friends who are still using traditional telephone services. The 911 issue takes center stage so you can see how 911 calls are handled now and how much better emergency calls will be in the future with broadband phone services.

Chapter 8, Tricks, Tips, and Techniques for Advanced Users, covers multiple methods to handle extension phones with a new service, improve call quality, and manage your new broadband phone service.

Chapter 9, Go Wireless, examines the growing integration of cell and broadband phones, along with new phones for the computer-centric services.

In addition to the physical pages you hold now, extra material awaits you on the Web. First stop? Go to www.gaskin.com/talk/ for updates on broadband phone company services.

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