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Chapter 9. Programming Google > Install the SOAP::Lite Perl Module - Pg. 398

The Results Here's a sample run. The first attempt doesn't specify a query and so triggers a usage message and doesn't go any further. The second searches for learning perl and prints out the results. % perl Usage: perl <query> % perl "learning perl" -- Online Catalog: Learning Perl, 3rd Edition ... learning perl, 3rd Edition Making Easy Things Easy and Hard Things Possible By Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix 3rd Edition July 2001 0-596-00132-0 ... buying info: learning perl (2nd Edition) ... learning perl takes common programming idioms and expresses them in "perlish"<br> terms. ... (learning perl, Programming Perl, Perl Cookbook). Install the SOAP::Lite Perl Module Install the SOAP::Lite Perl module, backbone of the vast majority of hacks in