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Chapter 3. Images > Borrow a Corporate or Product Logo - Pg. 189

intitle : Finds keywords in the page title. This is an excellent way to narrow down search results. intitle:paramecium filetype : Finds pictures of a particular type: JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Note that searching for filetype:jpg and filetype:jpeg will get you different results because the filtering is based on file extension, not some deeper understanding of the file type. filetype:jpg paramecium inurl : As with any regular Google search, inurl : finds the search term in the URL. The results for this one can be confusing. For example, you may search for inurl:cat and get the following URL as part of the search result: Hey, where's the cat? Because Google indexes the graphic name as part of the URL, it's probably there. If the page above includes a graphic named cat.jpg, that's what Google is finding when you search for inurl:cat . It's finding the cat in the name of the picture, not in the URL itself. inurl:cat site : As with any other Google web search, site : restricts your results to a specified host or domain. Don't use this to restrict results to a certain host unless you're really sure what's there. Instead, use it to restrict results to certain domains. For example, search for football . site:uk and then search for football . site:com is a good example of how dramatic a difference using site : can make. shakespeare Borrow a Corporate or Product Logo Add a bit of spice to your presentation or school report by using a corporate, project, product, or service logo. You have a presentation or proposal to make and want to add a hint of your target audience's branding. Or perhaps you want to spice up a school report on a company, product, or service. You visit their web site and find that every instance of their logo would need some heavy editing to get rid of background clutter, toolbar bits, and so forth. There are a few ways that Google can help you. Borrow a Corporate or Product Logo | 189