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Chapter 4. Selling > Overriding eBay's Fonts and Styles - Pg. 127

</td> <td width=60 background="" width=60>&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td width=60><img src=""></td> <td></td> <td width=60><img src=""></td> </tr> </table> The canister images, film_canister_top.jpg and film_canister_bottom.jpg , are refer- enced by the <img> tags in the corner cells, providing a weird "scroll" effect. You could even replace two of the canisters with jagged film edges for more realism, if that's what you're after. The film strip, film.gif , appears as the background of the two side cells. Note the use of the &nbsp; code (non-breaking space) in the side cells to convince browsers that there's content to display; otherwise, the cells (and their backgrounds) might not show up at all. The widths of the left and right columns are set at 60 pixels to match the width of the film canister images. To get the 38-pixel-wide film to line up, 11 pixels of whitespace was added to each side. Make sure to get all the dimensions right, or unsightly gaps or misalignments could ruin the effect. Overriding eBay's Fonts and Styles Use Cascading Style Sheets to change the look of more than just the description. The <font> tag, introduced in [Hack #40], allows you to set the font for any block of text. But it won't have any effect on text outside the <font></font> structure, which means you can never control the appearance of any text outside the description area (e.g., the rest of the auction page). Instead, you'll have to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) if you want to apply your styles to the entire page. The following code, for instance, will turn all text on the page green: <style> [1] BODY,FONT,TD,A { [2] font-size: 10pt !important; font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica !important; color: green !important; [3] } </style> Here's how it works. First, the <style></style> structure [1] sets apart our CSS defi- nitions, which will take effect regardless of where the code is placed on the page. Next, a single CSS definition [2] lists the HTML tags to modify with our new styles. In this Overriding eBay's Fonts and Styles | 127