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Chapter 3. Bidding > International Transactions Made Easier - Pg. 85

International Transactions Made Easier Tools to help overcome the hurdles and gotchas associated with trading with members in other countries. Everything gets a little more complicated when trading across international borders. Language barriers, currency confusion, payment hassles, and high shipping costs are all common problems. Here are some of the tools at your disposal to help simplify international transactions. View Auctions on Your Native eBay Although eBay has several international sites, all auctions are contained in the same global database. For example, if you're looking at an auction on the German eBay, like this one: You can simply change the domain from to, for example, and you'll see the auction details in more familiar terms: The currency used for the starting bid, current price, and minimum bid will all be automatically converted to your native currency. Additionally, the end time will be changed to your country's local time, and the payment and shipping terms will be