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Chapter 1. Setting Up Your .Mac Account > Setting an iCal Event to Change Your ...

1.5. Setting an iCal Event to Change Your .Mac Password

If you use iCal (http://www.apple.com/ical), you can set up an Event to go off every two or three months to remind you to change your .Mac account's password. If you do use iCal, you can set up this event as follows:

  1. Launch iCal by either clicking on its icon in the Dock or by double-clicking on its icon in the Applications folder (/Applications).

  2. Create a new event (File → New Event, or -N). This places a new Event on today's calendar and opens the Event Info drawer to one side of iCal's window.

  3. In the event that was placed on your calendar, type in the name of the event, such as "Change .Mac password".

  4. In the drawer, click on the checkbox next to "all-day," since there isn't any specific time of the day that you need to change your .Mac password.

  5. On the "from" and "to" lines, change the date for the event. You don't have to, but if you want to set it up so that you change the password on a Friday, you can either drag the event from the day it's currently at to Friday, or change the date on the "from" line.

  6. On the "repeat" line, click on the word None to reveal a pop-up menu; from that menu, select Custom and let go of the mouse button.

  7. In the window that appears, select Monthly from the Frequency pop-up menu and change the frequency to "Every 3 month(s)".

  8. Near the bottom of that window, click on the radio button next to "On the", then select "last" from the first pop-up menu beneath that, and "Friday" from the other popup menu. This will place the Change .Mac Password event on the last Friday of every third month in your calendar. Click the OK button to save these changes and close the window.

  9. Switch to the "alarm" section, and then click on None to reveal another pop-up menu, which lets you select how you would like iCal to remind you of this event. There are four options for notifying you of the event: Message, Message with sound, Email, or Open file.

    Of the four options, the first two have a greater chance at getting your attention than playing an alert sound, since it's too easy to confuse an alert sound from iCal with that of any other system event.

  10. Quit iCal to save the event.



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