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Preface > How This Book Is Organized

How This Book Is Organized

This book is organized into the following chapters:

Part I, .Mac's Core Services

This first part of the book provides you with an overview of the services at the core of every .Mac member's account. The chapters in this part include:

Chapter 1, Setting Up Your .Mac Account

This chapter will show you how to configure and administer your .Mac account, including information on changing your .Mac account's password and configuring iCal to periodically remind you to change your password.

Chapter 2, Inside Mac.com

This short chapter provides you with a quick overview of what you'll find on Apple's hub for .Mac members: the Mac.com web site.

Chapter 3, Using Your iDisk

At the center of every .Mac account is the iDisk, which with a base membership includes 100 MB of online storage space. This chapter provides an in-depth look at the iDisk, showing you how to mount and unmount one, and with Public folders.

Chapter 4.Mac Mail

With .Mac, you have two options for checking your mail: with Mail.app (or any other email client), or over the web, using .Mac's web-based Mail. This chapter focuses on using your .Mac email account over the Web and provides you with tips for managing your Mail and dealing with spam.

Part II, Protecting Your Mac

Whether you use your Mac at work or home, the data stored on your hard drive is no doubt very important to you. Your .Mac membership includes two great utilities to help you protect that data by screening it for viruses and to help you back up and restore that data if necessary.

Chapter 5, .Mac Mail

With all the worms and Trojan horse viruses that get sent around these days, everyone needs some protection from viruses. This chapter shows you how to use Virex to ensure your Mac is always protected.

Chapter 6, Using Backup

Without a doubt, the most important thing you can do as a computer owner is back up your system. Thankfully, .Mac comes with a powerful application, Backup, for just that purpose. You'll not only learn how to use Backup to backup and restore your precious data, you'll also learn some tips for getting into the habit of routinely backing up your data.

Part III, .Mac and Your Digital Life

This part of the book shows you how your .Mac membership fits in as an integral cog in Apple's Digital Hub strategy.

Chapter 7, Building a .Mac HomePage

With 7 different page styles and over 50 different page themes, building a .Mac HomePage can be really simple. This chapter shows you where to save files on your iDisk and provides you with tips on how to build and show off your .Mac HomePage.

Chapter 8, Blogging with iBlog

This chapter shows you how to add a web log to your HomePage using Lifli Software's application, iBlog.

Chapter 9, Using iSync with .Mac

This chapter introduces you to iSync, which can be used to synchronize your Address Book, iCal information, and Safari's bookmarks with your iDisk and portable devices, such as an iPod, PDA, and/or cellular phone.

Chapter 10, Slide Shows and iCards

This chapter covers the use of the Mac Slides Publisher and iPhoto 2 for creating Public Slide Shows (screensavers) from your photos, and how to create and send iCards.

Part IV, Appenidxes

There are also three appendixes to this book:

Appendix A, .Mac's Keyboard Shortcuts

This appendix lists all of the keyboard shortcuts you can use with the .Mac applications, including Backup, Virex, iSync, and more.

Appendix B, Common iDisk Error Codes

On occasion, you might encounter some cryptic error code when trying to connect or upload a file to your iDisk. This appendix provides you with a listing of some of the more commonly seen iDisk error codes and provides you with some guidance on what they mean so you'll know what to do when you see them.

Appendix C, Installing and Using the iDisk Utility for Windows XP

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who use Windows by day and a Mac at home by night. This appendix has been provided or those folks who might need to access their iDisk from Windows XP; it shows you how to install and use the iDisk Utility on that other platform.

Combined, the chapters in this book provide you with a complete overview of .Mac's services and software, showing you how to effectively integrate your Mac with Apple's web services.

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