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A.4. iSync

As with most Mac applications, iSync has its own set of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to help speed things up. Instead of using the menus and selecting items from there, you can use the keyboard shortcuts listed in Table A-4 to help make you a master iSync'er.

Table A-4. iSync's keyboard shortcuts
Menu Item Keyboard shortcut Description
iSync (the Application menu) About iSync None Provides basic information about iSync, including its version number and Apple's copyright statement.
  Preferences -, Opens iSync's Preferences window.
  Provide iSync Feedback None Takes you to Apple's web site in your default web browser, from which you can send comments and bug reports to iSync's developers.
  Register iSync None Before you can use iSync, you will need to register it with Apple; select this option if you haven't already registered iSync.
  Services None None of Mac OS X's regular services are available to iSync.
  Hide iSync -H Hides iSync's window from sight.
  Hide Others Option- -H Hides the windows of any other applications.
  Show All None Reveals any hidden windows, but keeps iSync's window at the top of the window stack.
  Quit iSync -Q Quits iSync.
Devices Add Device -N Adds other devices, such as Bluetooth-enabled cellular phones and PDAs, and iPods to iSync's list of devices with which to synchronize data.
  Remove Device None Removes a device from the list of gear to which iSync will synchronize data.
  Sync Now -T Synchronizes data from your Mac to any connected or detected devices.
  Reset All Devices None Transfers the data that's currently on your computer and overwrites the information on all devices.
  Backup My Data None Creates a backup file of your Address Book and iCal information.
  Revert to Backup None Restores your Address Book and iCal information from the previous backup performed from iSync (don't confuse this with the Backup application).
  Revert to Last Sync None Restores your Address Book and iCal information from the last time you used iSync; this is helpful for instances when the data on your Mac has been inadvertently deleted, or worse, if your Mac has to be replaced after it has been stolen.
Edit Undo -Z Not available to iSync.
  Redo Shift- -Z Not available to iSync.
  Cut -X Not available to iSync.
  Copy -C Not available to iSync.
  Paste -V Not available to iSync
  Delete None Not available to iSync
  Select All -A Not available to iSync
Window Minimize -M Minimizes iSync's window to the Dock
  Close -W Closes and quits iSync simultaneously
  Show Logs -L Opens a window that displays information about recent uses of iSync
  Bring All to Front None Brings all of iSync's windows to the front of the window stack
Help iSync Help -? Opens iSync's help file in the Help Viewer
  Keyboard Shortcuts None Displays the keyboard shortcuts that you can use with iSync (basically, the same information you find here in this table, just on your computer)



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