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A.2. iBlog

Table A-2 is an overview of iBlog's menu hierarchy. Included in this table is a listing of iBlog's keyboard shortcuts, which will help you work faster with the application in producing your blog entries.

Table A-2. iBlog's menu hierarchy and keyboard shortcuts
Menu Item Keyboard shortcut Description
iBlog (Application menu) About iBlog N/A[1] Displays details about iBlog, including its version name.
  Preferences -; Opens iBlog's preference window.
  Register N/A Opens a window that lets you register your copy of iBlog.
  Check for Updates N/A Compares the version of iBlog you're using with the most recent version available on Lifli Software's server. If a new version is available, you will be prompted to download a new version.
  Services N/A  
  Hide iBlog -H Hides iBlog's window.
  Hide Others Option- -H Hides the windows of any other applications that may be open.
  Show All N/A Brings all of iBlog's windows to the front of the window stack.
  Quit -Q Quits iBlog.
File New Blog Option- -N Creates a new Blog.
  New Category Shift- -N Creates a new blog category.
  New Entry -N Creates a new entry for the presently selected blog category.
  New Group Option- -G Creates a new blog group.
  New Newsfeed Option- -F Allows you to add a new RSS newsfeed to your blog site.
  New Stylesheet Option- -S Lets you create a new CSS stylesheet for your blog's site.
  Save Entry -S Saves the blog entry.
  Close -W Closes the blog entry window.
Edit Undo -Z Reverts back to the previous state.
  Redo Shift- -Z Redoes something that was undone using the Undo command.
  Cut -X Cuts the selected text and places it in the clipboard.
  Copy -C Copies the selected text, placing it in the clipboard.
  Paste -V Pastes whatever is in the clipboard to where the text insertion marker is.
  Select All -A Selects all of the text in the window.
  Edit Selectioon N/A Allows you to edit the currently selected text.
  Delete Selection N/A Deletes the currently selected text.
  Spelling -: Allows you to spellcheck your entries, either as you type or for a selected word or words.
Fonts Show Fonts -T Opens the Fonts window, from which you can specify the font, style, and size for your blog entries.
  Bold -B Makes the selected text bold.
  Italic -I Makes the selected text italic.
  Underline -U Underlines the selected text.
  Kern N/A Applies kerning (the space between characters) to the selected text.
  Ligature N/A Applies ligatures to selected text.
  Baseline N/A Allows you to change the baseline for a given character or word in a blog entry.
  Show Colors N/A Opens the colors palette.
  Copy Style Option- -C Copies the style of the selected text so it can be applied to something else.
  Paste Style Option- -V Pastes the copied style (see the previous menu entry) to the selected text.
Blogs Preview Option- -P Allows you to preview the blog entry.
  Publish Shift- -P Publishes the entry.
  Reset Preview State for All Blogs N/A Changes the state of all blog entries to Preview (i.e., unpublished).
  Reset Publish State for All Blogs N/A Changes the state of all blog entries to Published.
  Reset Publish State N/A Resets the Publish state for all blog entries.
  Show Navigation Editor N/A Opens the Navigation Editor window.
  Export Blogs by Category N/A Exports all of the blog entries in the specified category.
  Export Blogs by Date N/A Exports all of the blog entries published on a particular date.
Feeds Reload Shift- -R Reloads any RSS feeds currently being fed into your blog.
  Subscribe Shift- -S Opens a dialog that allows you to specify the URL for an RSS feed.
Window Minimize -M Minimizes iBlog's window to the Dock.
  Customize Toolbar N/A Used to customize iBlog's toolbar.
  Switch to Reader Mode Option- -T Switches from edit to reader mode.
  Show/Hide Feeds Drawer Option- -D Toggles the RSS feed drawer on/off.
  Bring All to Front N/A Brings all of iBlog's windows to the front of the window stack.
  Blogger Mode or Reader Mode N/A Depending on whether you've flipped the light switch on iBlog's interface, iBlog will either be in Blogger Mode (for creating blog entries) or Reader Mode (for subscribing to RSS feeds or other blogs).
Help iBlog Help -? Opens iBlog's help file in Apple Help.
  E-Mail Feedback N/A Opens a new email message in your default email client so you can send comments, feedback, or questions to iBlog's developers.

[1] "N/A" indicates that there is presently no keyboard shortcut available for that menu item.



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