Becoming an AdSense Publisher 126 Tax Information Is Required for Payment You won't receive any payment from Google until you supply them with your tax information. Even foreign publishers not subject to U.S. taxes must supply some basic information--there are no exceptions. Getting Paid "If you only get paid when your earnings reach $100," Claude asked, "how many months does a new AdSense publisher have to wait to be paid?" "There aren't any statistics available," I answered, "and it really depends on how much traffic the site is getting and how much money you're getting per click. My first site had pretty low traffic initially, so it took me a few months to get my first payment. And back then, Google always paid out accounts at the end of the calendar year, even if they had accumulated earnings less than $100. I don't think Stef will earn $100 this month, but $10 in a couple of weeks is a good start." "When do you actually get paid?" Stef asked. "Google sends the payments about a month after you've earned them," I said. "They're very con- sistent with their schedule." "They send you a check?" Claude said. "Yes," I said. "International publishers can even get paid in other currencies. You can get the check sent by courier to you if you're in a hurry. Alternatively, you can now sign up for EFT--electronic fund transfer." "And have the money deposited directly into your bank account," Claude said. "You choose your payment type from the Account Settings page," I said. "It's really easy. I still get checks--it's nice to physically receive them. But if I were making several thousand dollars a month from AdSense, I'd probably want to get the money more quickly, and I'd either get the check by courier or use EFT." Reality Check "Do sites really make several thousand a month?" Claude wondered. "There are sites that claim they do," I said. "It's all a numbers game. With a lot of traffic and a lot of clickthroughs, anything's possible. But don't count on making that kind of money." "Speaking of which," said Claude, "isn't it time we learn how we make any money? I know Stef's figured it all out, but I'd like some more details." "Which brings us to part two of our session, how to place ads on your site," I replied. "That is the really interesting part, so let's get started."