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Google www.google.com

Google www.google.com

Google Quick Reference
Plain-English QuestionSimply type a phrase or question that expresses the idea or concept, using as many words as necessary.Who invented the steam engine?
Phrase SearchType the phrase surrounded by double quotation marks (common words will be ignored, even with quotation marks)."industrial revolution"
AND Search (multiple words and phrases, each of which must be present)Type the words (or phrases in quotation marks) separated by a space, without any special punctuation.Edison "light bulb"
Use a plus sign (+) only if one of the words in your query is a very common word (or stopword).+about guides history
OR Search (multiple words and phrases, any one of which may be present)Type words or phrases (no quotation marks allowed) separated by OR (full caps required).phonograph OR speaking machine
NOT Search (to exclude a word or phrase)Use a minus sign (–) directly in front of the word or phrase you want to excludeLincoln –"town car"
Synonym SearchUse a tilde (~) in front of the search word to include synonyms in the search.~food returns recipes and nutrition information.
Case-Sensitive SearchNot available. 
Date SearchAdvanced search option; choose from within the last three months, six months, or year. 
Field SearchType the field-search term followed by a colon and the search word or phrase. Note that there is no space after thecolon. (For fill-in-the-blanks field searching, use Advanced Search.) 

Titles. Use allintitle: or intitle: with one or more search words. The first example would look for both words in page titles; the second would look for either word.

allintitle:inventions inventors intitle:inventions inventors

URLs. Use allinurl: or inurl: with one or more words to find in the URL. The first example you want would look for both words; the second would look up either word.

allinurl:pdf 1099 inurl:patents trademarks

Domains. Use site: followed by a domain name or type (com, edu, gov, and so on) along with the search word or phrase you want to find at that site or domain type.

The first example would find pages at the National Geographic Web site that include the word inventions. The second would find government (gov) Web sites that include the word patents.


site:gov patents

Links. Use link: with a specific Web address to find all pages that link to that address. The example would find pages that link to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. You cannot combine a link: search term with another search word or phrase.

Numeric RangeType the lower number, followed by three periods and the higher number. Don't use spaces between the numbers or periods. Leave either number off to do an open-ended search.20...30 ...100 1000...
Nested SearchNot available. 
Proximity SearchNot available. 
Wildcard SearchNot available. 



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