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Lycos www.lycos.com

Lycos www.lycos.com

Lycos Quick Reference
Plain-English QuestionSimply type a phrase or question that expresses the idea or concept, using as many words as necessary.Are oyster mushrooms poisonous?
Phrase SearchEnclose the phrase in double quotation marks."edible mushrooms"
AND Search (multiple words and phrases, each of which must be present)Type words or phrases separated by a space, without any special punctuation. By default, Lycos searches for all the words in your query, so even though plus signs (+) are allowed, you'll get the same results without them. The two examples shown here would return identical results: Web pages that contain both the phrase oyster mushrooms and the word recipes."oyster mushrooms" recipes +"oyster mushrooms" +recipes
OR Search (multiple words and phrases, any one of which may be present)Enclose the words or phrases in parentheses. The example would find Web pages that include references to either edible mushrooms or mycology.("edible mushrooms" mycology)
NOT Search (exclude a word or phrase)Use a minus sign (–) in front of a word or phrase you want to exclude from your results.mushrooms -recipes
Case-Sensitive SearchNot available. 
Date SearchNot available. 
Field SearchTo search titles of Web page documents, type title: directly in front of a word or phrase. (Note that there's no space between the colon and the search term.) For URL, site, and referring URL field searches, use Advanced Search.title:mushrooms title:"mushroom gardening"
Nested SearchNot available. 
Proximity SearchNot available. 
Wildcard SearchNot available. 



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