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Table . Deja Quick Reference
For This Type of Search: Do This: Examples:
Plain-English Question Not recommended. Use a phrase or AND search instead.  
Phrase Search Type the phrase as a sequence of words surrounded by double quotes.

Restrictions: Phrases must contain at least two words that are not Deja stopwords. For a list of stopwords, see Figure 15.15.

"forensic medicine"
AND Search (multiple words and phrases, each of which must be present) Use AND or & to connect two or more words or phrases. Or simply type the words or phrases separated by a space. All three of the examples would produce the same results.
 cholesterol AND exercise
cholesterol & exercise
cholesterol exercise

OR Search (multiple words and phrases, any one of which may be present) Use OR or | (pipe symbol) to connect two or more words or phrases. Both examples would find newsgroup postings that mention either fitness or nutrition.
 fitness OR nutrition
fitness | nutrition

NOT Search (to exclude a word or phrase) Use AND NOT or &! in front of a word or phrase you want to exclude from your results. To look for postings about vitamins but not multi-level marketing deals, for example, you might want to exclude mlm.
 vitamins AND NOT mlm
vitamins &! mlm

Case-Sensitive Search Not available.  
Date Search Use the Power Search form and specify a range of dates in the fill-in-the-blanks form. Use the format MMM D YYYY (for single-digit days of the week) or MMM DD YYYY (for double-digit days).
 Oct 1 2000
Apr 15 2001

 Alternatively, you can use the date-search operator ~dc (for date created) right on the search form, in which case the date format must be YYYY/MM/DD. ~dc 2001/03/24
Field Search Use the Power Search form for fill-in-the blank searching of newsgroup Author, Subject, and Forum (i.e., newsgroup name) fields.  
 Alternatively, you can use the following field-search operators on the search form itself:  
 Author: ~a

Subject: ~s

Group name: ~g
 ~a bjones@nih.edu
~s "lyme disease"
~g sci.med.diseases.*

Nested Search Use parentheses to group search expressions into more complex queries. The example would find postings that mention clinical study or clinical trial. clinical AND (study OR trial)
Proximity Search Use NEAR or ^ (carat symbol) to find words that appear in close proximity to each other. The default distance is 5 characters, but you can change that by including a number along with the carat symbol. infertility NEAR treatment
 The second example would look for the two words within 30 characters of each other. infertility ^ treatment

Restrictions: Phrases aren't allowed with Deja proximity searches. Also, neither search term can be on the Deja stopwords list. (See Figure 15.15 for stopwords.)

infertility ^30 treatment
Wildcard Search Use an asterisk (*) to search for wildcard characters. The example would find therapeutic, therapist, and therapy. therap*
 You can also use braces ({ }) to search for a range of words. The example would find all words that fall alphabetically between therapeutic and therapy. {therapeutic therapy}

Restrictions: Wildcards cannot be used in phrases.




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