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Part: 4 Specialized Search Engines > Yahoo www.yahoo.com

Yahoo www.yahoo.com

Table . Yahoo Quick Reference
For this type of search: Do this: Examples:
Plain-English Question Not recommended.  
Phrase Search Type the phrase as a sequence of words surrounded by double quotes. "Russian lacquer boxes"
AND Search (multiple words and phrases, each of which must be present) Use a plus sign (+) in front of a word or phrase that must appear in the results. +antiques +Victorian
OR Search (multiple words and phrases, any one of which may be present) Type words or phrases separated by a space, without any special notation. eggs "Carl Faberge"
NOT Search (to exclude a word or phrase) Use a minus sign (-) in front of a word or phrase you want to exclude from your results. To find software Easter eggs, for example, you might want to exclude the word Fabergé. "Easter eggs" -Faberge
Case-Sensitive Search Not available.  
Date Search Not available. However, you can search for categories and Web sites that have been added to the Yahoo directory within a certain time frame.  
 To do that, click on advanced search on the Yahoo home page and use the drop-down menu to select a timeframe (1 day to 4 years).  
Field Search To search titles of Web page documents, use t: directly in front of a word or phrase. t:"oriental rugs"
 To search Web page URLs, use u: directly in front of the word you want to find. To search for multiple words, use multiple u: search terms with plus signs (+).
+u:oriental +u:rug

Nested Search Not available.  
Proximity Search Not available.  
Wildcard Search Use an asterisk (*) with at least the first three letters of your search term. The example would find references to lacquer as well as lacquered and lacquerware. lacq*
 (Note: You cannot search for wildcard characters at the beginning or in the middle of a word.)  



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