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Part: 4 Specialized Search Engines > Netscape Search search.netscape.com

Netscape Search search.netscape.com

Table . Netscape Search Quick Reference
For this type of search: Do this: Examples:
Plain-English Question Simply type a question that expresses the idea or concept, using as many words as necessary. Where can I buy accessories for my IBM Thinkpad?
Phrase Search Type the phrase enclosed in double quotes. "thinkpad accessories"
AND Search (multiple words and phrases, each of which must be present) Type words or phrases separated by a space, or use the Boolean operator AND (uppercase or lowercase) to connect two or more search terms. Both examples would produce the same results.
 IBM thinkpad
IBM AND thinkpad

 You can also put plus signs (+) directly in front of required search terms, in which case your results will be limited to Partner Search Results (paid listings from GoTo) and Web pages from Google. +IBM +thinkpad
OR Search (multiple words and phrases, any one of which may be present) Use the Boolean operator OR (uppercase or lowercase) to combine words and phrases. notebook OR laptop
NOT Search (to exclude a word or phrase) Use a minus sign (-) directly in front of the word or phrase you want to exclude from your results. (Note that there's no space between the minus sign and the search word.) notebook -thinkpad
 Alternatively, you can use the Boolean operator ANDNOT (one word, uppercase or lowercase) followed by the word you want to exclude. notebook ANDNOT thinkpad
Case-Sensitive Search Not available.  
Date Search Not available.  
Field Search Not available.  
Nested Search Not available.  
Proximity Search Not available.  
Wildcard Search Use an asterisk (*) to search for multiple characters at the end of a word only. The example would find references to technological, technologies, and technology. technolog*



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