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Praise from Readers and Critics

Praise from Readers and Critics

Here's a sampling of what readers and critics have said about earlier editions of Search Engines for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide.

“[This book] is exactly what Web guides should be—concise, easily referenced, informative, and appropriate for all levels of expertise. If you have ever had the problems that most surfers experience when conducting a search—dredging up 100,000-plus hits on AltaVista, finding coffee pages when searching for Java, or pulling up the dreaded goose egg—you need to have this book close at hand.”

—The Editors of Amazon.com

“I immediately liked Search Engines for the World Wide Web…. It's a small book, nicely organized, well written, and full of illustrations that make learning easier.”

—Danny Sullivan, “Search Engine Report” Newsletter

“[The Glossbrenners' book] goes a long way toward bringing search newcomers, and even those who have been exploring the Net for awhile, to a higher skill level…. Those who read the book from cover to cover will feel they have 'been there' in all the nooks and crannies of each site before even going online to try them out.”

—Wallys W. Conhaim, Link-Up

“If you've been stumped, overwhelmed, or just plain frustrated with your Internet searching, pick up this book and find the answers you've been looking for.”

The Naked PC

“This great little book covers all the major search engines Web users deal with every day…. There is information to get technophobes comfortable with the basics as well as advanced techniques that will help professional researchers and librarians. Highly recommended.”

—Thom Gillespie, Library Journal

“At last, thanks to the lucid writing of the Glossbrenners and the ingenious format of Peachpit's Visual QuickStart Guide series, we have a work of reference that is clear, comprehensive, and concise…. With the Glossbrenners' new book in hand, you'll gain speed, confidence, and skills for searching the Web and finding precisely what you need.”

—Michael Pastore, review for YouthTopia Web Site

“This [book] won me over in the first paragraph of the introduction: 'If you're like us, the fascination of browsing the Web wore off a long time ago. We want to sign on, get the information we need, sign off, and go about our business and our lives.'

“Hey, that's me…. This QuickStart Guide is easy to read without being condescending—perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.”

—Krissy Harris, Los Angeles Times

“I just want to congratulate you on your excellent book, Search Engines for the World Wide Web. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will use it in my reference and training work.”

—Margaret Smyth, Central Library, North York, Ontario, Canada

“The organization and design of this book are splendid…. The reader quickly learns how search engines work, and the importance of keywords. Useful tips are plentiful. The brief chapter on Basic Search Tools is helpful enough to have you slam your fist into your keyboard and exclaim, 'Why didn't someone tell me this stuff in the first place?' Ditto for the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Searchers….

“Perhaps my favorite part of [the book] is Appendix A, the Quick Reference pages, where all the important search engine commands are presented in alphabetical order by search engine name. This book is a winner for everyone who spends more than two minutes per month on the Web, with practical information at an affordable price.”

—John Nemerovski, Book Bytes Reviewer, My Mac Magazine

Search Engines for the World Wide Web shows readers the fastest and most efficient ways to find what they need with the least frustration. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions accompanied by dozens of useful illustrations, [it] makes learning about search engines as quick and efficient as possible.

“[This book] is essential reading for the novice and has much to offer the experienced Internet information researcher as well…. It's also highly recommended for any Internet and World Wide Web information provider [who wants to] enhance and maximize accessibility and 'presence awareness' among Internet and Web users.”

—The Computer Shelf, alt.books.reviews

“I would think that almost every library using the Internet would want at least one copy! We have had to rely on magazine articles and the Help sections at each search engine Web site in order to understand the rules for searching with each engine. [This] book will make it much easier to understand how to construct search strategies, since the information is all in one place.”

—Richard Strauss, Branch Manager, Bucks County Free Library, Langhorne, PA

“[A] concise, thorough, readable guide…. Highly recommended.”

—Windweaver Online Bookstore

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