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Part: 3 Other General-Purpose Search Engines

Part 3: Other General-Purpose Search Engines

Other General-Purpose Search Engines

In Part 2 we introduced you to six of the very best search engines and showed you how to use them to maximum advantage. In our view, you could pick any two of these “Big Six” engines, learn their ins and outs, and henceforth rely on them almost exclusively whenever you need to find information on the Web.

There are other options, however. In this part of the book, we'll tell you about the search capabilities offered by four of the most popular Internet portal sites:

  • America Online (AOL)

  • Excite

  • Microsoft Network (MSN)

  • Netscape

If you're currently using AOL, Excite, MSN, or Netscape as your gateway to the Internet—and you're generally happy with the services the site offers—read the relevant chapter in this part of the book to learn how to search more effectively. Then choose at least one of the Big Six engines in Part 2 to use as a backup when you can't find what you're looking for with your primary search engine.

If you're not wedded to any of these portal sites and are simply “shopping around” for a couple of good search engines, skip this part of the book completely and make your selections from the Big Six engines described in Part 2. The search features offered by AOL, Excite, MSN, and Netscape are adequate, but they're no match for the Big Six.


  • If you haven't done so already, be sure to read the chapters on search basics in Part 1 of this book. The next four chapters include references to search techniques and terminology that are explained in more detail in Part 1.


Chapter 11: AOL Search


Chapter 12: Excite


Chapter 13: MSN Search


Chapter 14: Netscape Search



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